The goal of this list is to provide information regarding kidney disease diagnosis and treatment, information specific to amyloidosis, and kidney biopsy information. Some of these links below are directed towards veterinarians and use a lot of medical terminology, while others are directed to pet owners. We recommend reviewing this information with your veterinarian so you both may get a better understanding of the kidney disease in the Bracco Italiano.

Kidney Disease Diagnosis

– Utility of Creatinine, UPC, and SDMA in the Early Diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease in dogs and cats

– IRIS Staging of Chronic Kidney Disease: From the International Renal Interest Society, their website ( has many educational articles for pet owners and veterinarians.

– Measurement and interpretation of proteinuria and albuminuria – Information regarding protein loss in the urine.

– Urine Specific Gravity: Information regarding the urine specific gravity test (urine concentration) and how itapplies to kidney disease.

Consensus Recommendations for the Diagnostic Investigation of Dogs with Suspected Glomerular Disease

– Proteinuria in dogs and cats: A summary of diagnostics steps and treatment of protein loss in the urine. 

Kidney Disease Treatment

– Consensus Recommendations for Standard Therapy of Glomerular Disease in Dogs – From the International Renal Interest Society, published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

– IRIS Treatment Guidelines for Chronic Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease Information

What pet owners should know about kidney function and the diagnosis and management of chronic kidney disease in dogs and cats.

Amyloidosis Information

Familial Nephropathy in Bracchi Italiani: 8 cases (2012-2019)

Amyloidosis in Dogs

– Renal Amyloidosis in Dogs: A Retrospective Study of 91 Cases with Comparison of the Disease between Shar-Pei and Non-Shar-Pei Dogs

 Educational Information on Amyloidosis from Dr. Linda Tintle, who has been instrumental in Shar Pei amyloidosis research.

Kidney Biopsy Information

– International Veterinary Renal Pathology Service: We recommend having all Bracco kidney tissue evaluated by IVRPS whenever possible due to the consistency, quality, and in depth analysis performed. Their website has information on submission guidelines, cost, testing available, and contact information. IVRPS will evaluate kidney samples obtained pre- and post-mortem. Their fee schedule and kit request form are available online..

– Kidney Pathology in Amyloidosis